Puddle Jumpers | Rainy Day Mini Session | Long Grove Family Photographer

Let your kids live out their Peppa Pig dreams! I really don’t know what that means, but from what I have gathered, Peppa Pig has something about jumping in muddy puddles?! Rain usually stresses parents and photographers out this time of year, and causes all kinds of mayhem and reschedules. This year, I want to change the way we look at rainy days. To be completely honest, most kids LOVE rain, jumping in puddles, and getting dirty, am I right?! All you want is for your child to smile, and I cringe at the thought of guaranteeing anything, but I’m pretty confident jumping in rain puddles will make them smile! I’ve seen it more than a few times! Anyways, I’ve always loved shooting in imperfect weather conditions, and now I’m offering these types of sessions to you as a mini and at an even further discount!! So here we have Puddle Jumper Sessions!! I will do the same once it starts snowing! These will become available on a first come, first serve basis! Keep reading…

Puddle Jumpers will be posted about the DAY OF, so they are a very last minute opportunity, hence the lower price. They cannot be booked in advance, and limited space will be available. I will post about them on my Instagram and Facebook stories, so be sure to follow along and turn on notifications if you want! This can be just for your kids, or mom and dad and even dog can join in on the fun! Also, if you don’t even have kids and still want to do them with your significant other, or your dog, or whoever, I do not limit these to families with children!! Anyone at any age can enjoy jumping in puddles and catching rain drops! They are 20 minute sessions, which, yes, is plenty of time for me to get a bunch of great photos!

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Dress by: Lulu & Roo

Boots by: Hunter