The Morgan Family | Fall Family Session | Elgin Family Photographer

It may or may not be surprising to the every day person (non photographer), that Fall is the busiest time of year for me and every other family photographer! This is due to the fact that people LOVE Fall and also use these for their holiday card photos. At least that’s what I’ve gathered over my career for why people love Fall photos. This session is actually from last year, and I just realized I never blogged it, due to the fact that I simply get ridiculously busy and am usually buried in editing. What better time than now to share these on the blog though.

October weekends are currently slammed, but I still have lots of weekday availability for you entrepreneur or flexible families! :) I also have lots of November availability. Some of my most colorful sessions come from November because the leaves are usually mostly on the ground, and the kids can actually play in the huge piles now!! This particular session was shot on November 3rd last year, just for reference on colors. :) That said, I never guarantee any weather or foliage at any time of the year! ;)

This session was styled using my complimentary styling service! It was one of my favorite sessions of the year just because of how different the location was from the norm! If you have an out of the box idea for your session, don’t be shy!! I’m always down for an adventure!