The Silva Family | Family Session | Wilmette Family Photographer

The Silva family came to me through word of mouth referrals from some of my favorite clients. I knew I was going to be in good company! I have a biased love for families of 5 since I'm the middle of 2 siblings myself. My average client has 2 children typically, so when I get a larger family to work with, I'm always excited! Having 3 or more kids in a family session adds a good kind of crazy, and an asymmetrical aesthetic to the photos that I LOVE.

In Rachel's client questionnaire, all she wanted was at least one photo where you can see everyone's faces, but they don't all necessarily need to be looking right at the camera. PERFECT. She also mentioned they were a pretty laid back family, which a lot of people think they are but...I beg to differ. Anyways. They truly were very laid back and more importantly, realistic, in their expectations of their kids at 7:30pm on a hot summer night at the beach! It was HOT. Like...90s I think!

The kids were all so cute, and of course the youngest two with their fire red hair had me even more excited. My brother's wife has beautiful red hair, and I now forever have a special place in my heart for red heads. :)

They were all dressed so perfectly for the Wilmette beach. Rachel and I did go back and forth on styling through my free styling service I offer to all of my clients. Although she decided to make her own decisions on the clothes, the ideas I sent her definitely helped point her in the right direction! 

I think I thanked Rachel at least 5 different times in person, and in e-mail for being SO relaxed, laid back, and realistic with the kids. I always tell parents that when they chill the, you know what, out, their kids will be more relaxed, and in turn you will have a better session. I can't tell you how many times mom's face is so defeated and stern looking because of how stressed she is about her kids posing perfectly. Take a deep breath and be with your family, I will make sure you have beautiful photos, but it starts with you. Kids truly feed off the energy of their parents. I will say this forever and ever. Rachel and Billy had the right frame of mind, and their kids had fun, so we made great photos. Easy as that!