The Lane Family | Mommy & Me Session | Chicago Family Photographer

Fall of 2017 was a disaster for reasons that mostly had to do with crummy weather. What else is new, Chicago?!

Jamie decided it was better to wait until spring for her session due to the rain almost every weekend this past Fall. I didn’t mind since I was drowning in reschedules anyways. Since spring decided to never show up either, Jamie asked if she could do a mommy and me studio session. Of course! I know how much her husband loves photo sessions *sarcasm*, so I knew this would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift to herself. No shame in that!

She arrived directly after school one day, when I told her the light in the studio would be the most beautiful. She and the kids changed into their photo clothes. I removed the bright green nail polish from Kennedy’s fingernails. These kids are always so cute and well behaved, even if Jamie doesn’t think so. ;) Her sessions are always short and sweet. She doesn’t like to push them too far and is always happy with what we get.

This session was probably only about 30 minutes long and we got a ton of awesome shots and lots of variety! I always enjoy working with clients who trust me and know I have their best interest in mind! My favorites from this session have to be the ones of Jamie and Kennedy because of their big bright blue eyes and how much they look alike!! So adorable!