The Moore Family | Maternity Session | Fox Lake Family Photographer

This right here is one of my favorite love stories.

Trinity had been following me on Facebook and Instagram for about a year before I actually met and had the chance to work with her. Since February we’ve done three sessions together, and she now feels like an old friend! She actively engaged with my business: entering giveaways, liking photos, and genuinely sharing her adoration for my work. I can’t even count how many times she admitted that she felt like a stalker, and I could not be more flattered…seriously. As a small business owner in a super competitive industry, I welcome stalkers with big open arms!

Trinity and Shawn have the most adorable, and to some, shocking love story. They met on one of those apps in January 2014, kind of by accident. They both had the wrong location selected on their apps and by the time they had realized they were states apart, it was too late. They were too far in, and the distance was a non-factor at this point. Shawn lived in Colorado and Trinity in Illinois. The first time they met in real life, Shawn flew in for Valentines Day in 2014 where he met Trinity’s family! *Pay attention* The second time they were together in person, they went on vacation to Mexico in March of 2014 where Shawn proposed!!! Yep…you read that right. He proposed on their SECOND DATE after only TWO months of knowing each other! He even called and asked her mom for permission before popping the question.

Shawn moved from Denver, Colorado to Fox Lake, Illinois in May 2014. They married on October 12th, 2014, and you know what…I absolutely love it. I love how sure they were about their feelings for each other, and didn’t care what anyone else would think. Here we are, four years later awaiting the arrival of their baby girl who will likely complete their beautiful blended family.

Trinity warned me that Shawn wasn’t exactly thrilled to be taking photos, which is sooooo unusual for guys. *Insert eye roll emoji* As you can probably imagine, this is nothing new to me. However, Shawn was a total champ and stood out there in the freezing cold and snow with her, doing whatever we asked, and doing it well. I don’t recall hearing one “are we done yet?” out of him, and that’s really all we ask, am I right? He wasn’t exactly a fan of the joggers I chose for him for the snuggly photos, but a little birdy told me he now loves them. ;) *Trust in your photographer, friends!*

Trinity was super laid back and flexible when it came to planning her session that we had been working on for months. More than a few of our “plan A’s” fell through, and I was honestly getting a little nervous. I wanted this session to be special and amazing. Since she had been waiting about a year to work with me, I really felt the pressure to pull off something magical. The single thing she truly cared about was taking photos with her grandfather’s barn that sits in the back of his house that she now lives in. I love when clients make their sessions intentionally sentimental. She didn’t want to take photos with the barn because it’s trendy and rustic; it actually means something to her.

These are the kinds of things I love to capture and be apart of.

Trinity is also over the top obsessed with anything and everything Disney. Her amazing dogs are of course named Minnie (Saint Bernard) and Hero (Dalmatian). I grew up with a Saint Bernard so I was elated to meet her!! Trinity promised she’d limit the amount of Disney things she would ask to include in her sessions since it’s not really my style to be so literal with props. Again, this is something that I knew was important to her, so I didn’t mind at all to incorporate Disney into her sessions. The Mickey & Minnie mugs added a perfect subtle touch to the cozy portion of their session, but I was more interested in Shawn’s red headed mermaid tattoo that he had gotten a few weeks after first talking to Trinity. Coincidentally, the tattoo had nothing to do with Trinity at all. Talk about meant to be…