The Drescher Family | Family Session | Florida Family Photographer

Vacation photos are something everyone should do at least once, unless you’re The Drescher’s, and then you do them every other year.

If you’ve been following me for at least 3 years, you may know I moved to Florida for a few months back in 2015-16. While I was there, a mom from Glencoe, Jess, reached out to me to see if I could take photos of her boys while they were in Florida visiting her in-laws. Duh!! I was so excited to shoot on the beach and even better, with a family from back home.

When I arrived at Grandma and Grandpa’s condo in Ocean Ridge, Florida, I was in awe of the beauty. They have a condo literally right on the beach. Talk about goals! Anyways, it was a really beautiful and fun session and Jess loved the photos so much that she has hired me a few times since then to photograph the boys back here in Chicago. Up until this session, not only has dad not been in any of the photos I’ve taken of them, I had still never met him. Jess reached out to me to see if by any chance I had plans to be in Florida for Spring Break this year when she was going to be there. I didn’t, but was willing to make the trip for some more of these beach photos since I knew how much they meant to her. She expressed that those photos we took in 2016 were still her favorites to date. Hopefully now these updated ones are even better in her eyes!

I took the opportunity to turn this work trip into a vacation for my girlfriend and myself. This time when I arrived at the condo, the boys were playing; I believe a basketball game, on their iPads. They were pretty glued and we had a hard time tearing them away.  I still don’t understand how a video game could be more enticing than playing on the beach, but that’s just me. Zach and Hudson could not be more different. Zach is a little more timid and wants pretty much nothing to do with photos. Hudson is super silly, outgoing, and a ham for the camera. I’ll keep it interesting and see if you can guess who is who based on the photos. :)

I love when I get to capture kids with their grandparents. It’s such a special bond and they are photos that will be cherished for a lifetime. I was honestly most excited to finally after 3 years get family photos and photos of mom and dad for once!! Jess’ favorites are always of the boys actually playing in the water so those are a crowd favorite as well. We got some good airborne and tackling images. I love being able to get in the water with the kids and let them be just that, KIDS!