The Young Family | Newborn Lifestyle Session | Highland Park Newborn Photographer

Marcy was referred to me by one of my favorite clients, Ashley, who is her sister-in-law. They had just moved to Highland Park from Chicago only a few weeks before their newborn session. I find that when a lot of my clients move from the city to the burbs, they usually do it while they’re pregnant or have a newborn. You people are crazy!! Moving is hard enough, but with babies and pregnancy?!

I arrived to their home and got to have some time to hang out with their daughter, Blake, before we began the session. My dad’s name is Blake and I always said if I had a girl I wanted to name her Blake. She was seriously SO cute, and hilarious. Dad was showing off her tricks to me. He asked her what his name is and she replied, “Daddy.” He then asked her what Mommy’s name was and she said, “Marcy!” She is also bilingual and speaks Spanish, so she’s already smarter than me at the ripe old age of 2. I usually have issues with 2 year olds, but Blake broke my stereotype of this age. She was a total sweetheart, did everything we asked, and was just an all around delight to be around.

One of my favorite moments from her was in Carter’s room. Marcy was rocking him, while she sat in Carter’s little chair and was singing with her dad. Her baby brother, Carter, born a few weeks early with a full head of hair was also sweet as can be. I honestly think he slept the entire time I was there, and was really smiley. Some babies just smile a lot, and it always makes me laugh.

This was a great session and I truly enjoyed spending time with them in their new home, and seeing how much they love each other as a family.