The Moore Family | Newborn Studio Session | Chicago Newborn Studio Photographer

If you haven’t read my other two blog posts about the Moore family, I strongly encourage you to do so in order to fully appreciate this one!

Shawn and Trinity have a magical love story that this baby brings full circle. After months and months of planning this session, Trinity texted me the night before explaining that Logan had really bad chapped upper and lower lips from licking as a result of the cold, dry weather here in Chicago. I asked for a picture to see how bad it was, as I usually do in these situations with cuts, bruises, etc. It was pretty bad. His lips appeared to be about twice the size they actually are, due to the red irritated skin surrounding his lips. I asked if she could do her best with make up and I would finish up in Photoshop. The next morning, about 30 minutes prior to the time they were suppose to arrive, Trinity texted me again. The tone of her message had me believing that she had woken up late, hadn’t showered, no one was ready, etc. and they would be extremely late and she possibly wanted to reschedule in order to respect my time.

First of all, Shawn has a rigorous work schedule that made it nearly impossible to even book the session we had scheduled, so I was worried it wouldn’t even happen if we did have to reschedule. After calming her down a bit and finding out what the situation actually was, she was acting crazy…sorry Trinity, but you were. She said they’d be “leaving now” which would have given them the exact amount of time it takes to get from her house to my studio. They were only about 5-10 minutes late at most, which is nothing for newborn clients! Haha!

Once they all arrived, baby Reese in tow, I couldn’t be more excited to get going with their session! Trinity followed my newborn prep guide to a T! She kept her awake in the car, hadn’t fed her, etc. She fed Reese, and we undressed her so that I could wrap her up nice and pretty for her photos. After eating she had a case of the hiccups, which is a common occurrence.  Shawn swore if we put a little dab of sugar on her lips, it would distract her and cure her of the hiccups. It didn’t quite work, but I appreciated his willingness to try! She wasn’t quite ready to sleep yet so I offered to go rock her in the warm studio until she was sound asleep and we could begin shooting. Shawn quickly volunteered and off he went into my compact, 80-degree warmed studio. I kept checking on him to see if he wanted water or a break. As a sweaty person myself, I seriously empathize with men who can often get sweaty or over heated, and to be honest, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than that. He insisted he was fine, and actually liked the heat because Trinity keeps it so cold at their house! I thought he was crazy, but again was appreciative of his helpfulness in moving things along.

I always do all photos that include older siblings and dad first so that they can be done, because they have the shortest attention span for these types of things. They were also having a birthday party for Charlie, their middle boy, this same day. He did an amazing job being a big brother by sharing his birthday party day with his new sister for her photo session. Reese performed spectacularly for her photos and definitely stuck her tongue out for the majority of them! She even flashed us a few smiles, which is always exciting for parents. Fully naked photos are not the easiest to get, because some babies just aren’t relaxed and zonked out enough to be able to work with naked.

When I unwrapped her from the first wrap we did, I braced myself for her to wake up and be crabby from being undone from her super tight and comfy wrap. Nope. She was still totally asleep and completely relaxed. I went a step further and removed her diaper. Still nothing. I went with it and got those amazing photos of her nakey in mommy’s arms. Those are some of my favorite shots from this session.  

After all was said and done, I couldn’t be happier how all three of the Moore family’s sessions went. They now feel like family to me and I am excited to see them all grow as a family.  

Here are some text messages I received from Trinity after showing her a sneak peek of this session. 

“I am literally in tears. The sneak peak is breathtaking! I could never have imagined these pictures to be so perfect. Thank you soooo much!” 

“A picture has never meant so much to me. I cannot thank you enough!” 

“Literally just staring at them right now.” 

“Thank you times a million. I won't bother you anymore tonight! Just know that I am sooo thankful and so in awe!”