The Storie Family | Newborn Lifestyle Session | Clarendon Hills Newborn Photographer

When I found out that a couple of friends from my Columbia College of Chicago days had referred me to an expecting mom they worked with on a corporate photography job, I was not only grateful, but also excited to meet this awesome woman! They really talked her up and let me know that she was really fun and easy to work with.

I had seen a sneak peek of the baby’s nursery on Instagram before their session, and it got me hyped! Renee’s style was pretty similar to mine, and I was in heaven when I arrived at their beautiful home in Clarendon Hills! They were still pretty new to the home, only being there for a couple of months. There were construction workers in the house drilling and sawing things on the first level. How relaxing for a newborn session. Haha! Luckily we shot mostly upstairs, but it was still LOUD.

Baby Logan wasn’t at all bothered by the loud sounds, but he did seem to have some tummy discomfort that was irritating him. He was still one of the cutest baby boys I had ever seen. Renee and Paul were super calm and collected for new parents, even with a fussy baby. I was happy that Renee chose my favorite green wrap for me to swaddle him up in. It went perfectly with her cactus baby comforter that I was obsessed with and wished they made in a Queen size. Momma really wanted a photo of Logan snuggling his little fox stuffed animal, and you can see the behind the scenes of that shot at the end of the blog. You gotta laugh, right?!

I loved meeting this family and am always extremely grateful to all of the families who welcome me into their homes with their brand new babies and allow me to do what I love.