The Larsen Family | Maternity Session | Glencoe Family Photographer

Hey guys!!! Wow…it’s been almost 3 months since my last blog post…! Sorry about that! This time of year is honestly super slow for my industry, especially in this part of the country where the weather is garbage. :)

We got lucky with a very small window of sunshine and “warmth” for this bombshell of a maternity session! I really can’t think of any other word to describe Stephanie, because holy moly she is gorgeous beyond belief!! I know Stephanie from my yoga days, which is where I know a lot of awesome people from, including my girlfriend. :) I use to work “trade” at the studio by cleaning once a week in exchange for a yoga membership. My shift was during a night when Stephanie taught, so we spent every week together for a long time! I have taken her photos once before, and remember being equally as stunned by her beauty.

This was my first time meeting her husband, Brian, and he was such a good, fun guy! I know photo sessions are awkward and uncomfortable for a lot of people, my self included! Luckily Brian was relaxed and kind during the session, I think he even may have enjoyed himself a bit if I’m being honest! I was begininng to worry this session wasn’t going to happen before their baby girl arrived! We were originally suppose to shoot on Apirl 14th, the first spring blizzard. That obviously wasn’t going to happen with these outfits planned! Luckily the stars aligned for our rescheduled session, and we got full sun the whole time, which makes me a super happy photographer!

If you’re wondering how they are dressed so effortlessly and beautifully, I have to give it up to my styling service which is included complimentary for every session I offer! (If you’re a photographer and want 10% off a membership, you can use my code SOPHIEB10 at checkout!)

Dress: Free People

Kimono: Three Bird Nest