The Donatucci Family | Newborn Lifestyle Session | Wheaton Newborn Photographer

The Donatucci family came to me months before their beautiful baby boy was born. Brittany was a referral from a long time client and friend of mine. We went back and forth on whether she wanted to do a studio or lifestyle session. I personally prefer lifestyle sessions as long as the client feels comfortable and proud to photograph in their home. As soon as I walked into Anthony and Brittany’s home, I knew we made the right decision. It was so adorable and perfect. Also, their two dogs were extremely sweet and cuddly, and I couldn’t have imagined excluding them by doing a studio session. You know me, it’s all about the dogs! The images in the nursery where the dogs are laying on top of each other, Brittany insisted they NEVER do that, and she was worried about them being too crazy to even get in any shots. I never really worry too much about being able to get dogs in the photos because let’s face it, dogs are amazing. They want to be where their family is, so they’ll go wherever you go, and that’s exactly what they did.

Anthony is an avid football fan and coach, so when he left for work after his portion of the session was over, I knew we had to do something special. I asked Brittany if he had any football helmets or anything we could use for a sweet photo to surprise him with. Of course, he had an entire shrine in the basement dedicated to all of his football memorabilia. She brought up 3 old helmets of his and we chose one to stick Rocko in. Don’t worry, this was all done with safety as our first priority, and the final image is a composite. Brittany was holding the helmet the entire time. She was planning to surprise Anthony with the photo for his birthday in a few months. I reminded her to put everything back in the shrine exactly how she found it so he wouldn’t suspect a thing. A few weeks later she texted me that he noticed things were out of place and she had to confess and show him the photo early! I told you so!! Haha! She told me that he was obsessed and it’s now his facebook profile picture. That’s a photographer touchdown for sure! Anthony, like the majority of men I work with, wasn’t super excited about taking photos, and I get it, it’s awkward! He mentioned how he hated when their wedding photographer would tell them to “nuzzle” each other, so I made sure to use that word whenever I got the chance. It got some real smiles, so I’ll take it! Ha!

I loved working with this cute little family, and Brittany, you’re welcome to design my home whenever! :)