Styling Service Explained | Family Styled Session | Chicagoland Family Photographer

Since adding styling to my services, it has been a total game changer for me and my clients! If you’ve ever had professional photos taken, you know that one of the most stressful parts and difficult decisions are what to wear?! You’re not alone. I hear it all the time.

This team of photographers have created a service that instantly generates whole outfit options for each member of the family that coordinate well, photograph beautifully, fit all budgets, and the personal styling aspect is FREE! 

Yes, free. You only have to buy your own clothing, which you’d likely be doing anyways, and even that part is optional. You may have a few pieces in your closets already, usually dad’s outfit is pretty easy! This service is extremely valuable to me and I’m so happy it’s here. Especially for parents who are busy with work, kids, and just life! This feature I’ve added to my business is effortless and you never even have to leave your home. The days of running from store to store are OVER.  

The questionnaire is simple and any additional notes and preferences you want to provide me will all assist in creating a beautiful look for your photo session! At this point, you’ve already invested quite a bit of time and money into committing to doing a session, don’t blow it on last minute outfits you’re not sure of, or even worse, don’t love or feel confident in.  

How it works: I’ll send you a variety of different “looks”, each containing one outfit for each member of the family. All of the items will include links to the site where you can buy the items if you wish. This is not set in stone. You’re not required to buy any or all of the things I suggest. They are just that, suggestions.

At a bare minimum, this service can give you ideas and examples of how to dress an entire family.

At a maximum, you can order every single item I’ve chosen and rock it out and be done in a few clicks! Boom! No stress, and even better, you literally don’t have to make any physical trips to a store. No one hates running errands more than me. I buy my toilet paper on amazon. I’m not trying to be funny, that’s just true. 

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 Here are a few families who have taken advantage of this free service over the past year!