The Myers Family | Family Session | Chicago Montrose Harbor Family Photographer

The Myers family found me through a referral from another fellow photographer in the area! As competitive as the photography industry is, there is definitely a large group of photographers who are friends, and choose to lift each other up rather than tear each other down, and I'm truly grateful for that. 

Now onto this shoot! I got more excited the more I talked with Anya about her session. Shortly after she completed all of her booking paperwork, I read through her client questionnaire that I send to all of my clients. I use this to get to know a little bit about each client, especially new ones, so that I can get a feel for who they are as a family, and how I can best capture their personalities and lifestyle. In Anya's questionnaire she mentioned that they have a sail boat on Montrose Harbor that they love to sail on. She had mentioned possibly using Lincoln Park Zoo for their session, but as soon as I read "boat on Montrose Harbor" I was sold, we were doing it on their boat.  She was a little hesitant, telling me that it's not super fancy, just a regular old sail boat. This was even better then some fancy perfect boat, and so much better than Lincoln Park Zoo. No offense, LPZ lovers! Taking their very first family photos on their family sail boat was too special of an opportunity to pass up. 

I offer free styling assistance with every session, so I sent Anya some styling options, and she told me that she loved everything! Yayy!! She also shared a blog from her wedding photographer so I could get a sense of their style and personalities. I love that she shared this with me!! It definitely helped me see who they were and the types of photos that they like. The wedding photos were beautiful and definitely similar in style to my photography. I can't stress enough how important communication with your photographer is. Anya shared so much about her family in just a few e-mails, which took minimal effort, but had a huge benefit in the long run.  If she wouldn't have said anything about how they enjoy spending time on their boat, I wouldn't have known about it, therefor couldn't have suggested doing the session there. We probably would have ended up at Lincoln Park Zoo with about 20 other families, taking photos in the same spots that millions of other people do every year. Authenticity and nostalgia are super important to me, and I do my best to cater every session to be special for each client. I can only do this if you help me out and take the time to tell me about your family! The real stuff! The family sail boat, making cookies, being at grandma's house, whatever it is that makes your eyes light up, and your heart beat, I want to know about it!

I'm over here gushing about questionnaires and have completely neglected little Forrest. He was seriously one of the cutest kids I've ever seen. I know, I know, I say that a lot, but look at him!! When dad unfolded that big steering wheel (it's probably not called a steering wheel on a sail boat) I died. I love his little wavy hair and those crystal blue eyes! And what a sweetie he was, ugh!

Also, @anthro_chicago featured my photo on their Instagram and it was no big deal. (It was a big deal!) Thanks to Anya for choosing such a gorgeous dress from the one and only @anthropologie.

Forrest's overall shorts - Bailey's Blossoms.