The Slattery Family | Family Session | Winnetka Family Photographer

The Slattery family is one of my favorite families to work with. I know, I always say this! I really do love all of you in different ways! This is what I love about the Slatterys though. First of all, they’re Australian. I can’t help myself, I love a good accent. :) Okay, but let me get to the good stuff. Danielle is so easy going, she makes ME look Type A! (I’m not, by the way.) Due to personal circumstances, there was no possible way this session could have been rescheduled, so we were shooting rain or shine.

Danielle used my styling and truly trusted me on it, and as you can see, it worked out beautifully! The few days leading up to their session I tried every which way to see if they could shoot the night before, the next morning, etc. It wasn’t going to work. I knew they had these perfect outfits and I was so excited to shoot them and wanted everything to be beautiful and perfect. The forecast had not budged, it showed 60% chance of rain and thunderstorms all morning.

The morning of the session I woke up, got ready, and headed over to Winnetka at 6:30am and parked at our originally planned location. It was still crazy dark outside, and I was panicking that the photos would be terrible, it would be so dark, ugly, wet, etc. I will admit I had a horrible attitude about it, but only because I wanted to give them beautiful photos! Danielle was cool as a cucumber and had the most positive attitude I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m usually the one saying, “It will be fine, it’s not gonna rain! Don’t worry about it!”

She texted me just before 7am when the session was scheduled and said that Brad needed his Starbucks and they were going to stop quickly and then head over to meet me. She also graciously offered to get me a coffee. I replied and told her to stay at Starbucks, we’re going to shoot in downtown Winnetka, there will be more light, vibrance, and variety than our original spot! I sped over to meet them at Starbucks, Brad got his Venti coffee and I joked that he wouldn’t even be able to drink it since, ya know, we’re taking photos! I was wrong, he chugged the dang thing and would soon get his second of the day after the session! Ha!! Impressive for sure.

We started shooting in this little ally and it was still pretty dark but I cranked my ISO and just went with it. About 15-20 minutes into shooting I looked up above the buildings and saw pieces of blue skies. My jaw dropped and I pointed to the sky. Danielle’s attitude was truly the driving force in the outcome of this session. I believe that with my whole heart. I don’t think it ever even rained a single drop the entire time. The sun actually beamed on my drive home, and later in the day it remained overcast, but I was on an all day high from the magic that happened this morning. I constantly tell my clients that a positive attitude goes a long way, and this is proof. I need to make sure to take my own advice sometimes. :)

Lastly, I sent a few sneak peeks to Danielle and she told me that she showed them to the family and her middle boy asked her, “But where’s Sophie in the picture?!” I die…that boy has my heart.


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Clothes from ZARA, Forever 21, Ralph Lauren, and Childhoods Clothing.