hi, i'm sophie.

and no, I'm not in high school. :) That, however, is where I first fell in love with photography. Immediately after developing my first roll of film and watching the photos come to life in the dark room, I knew this was something I would do forever. I continued my photographic journey by attending Columbia College of Chicago.  I had the opportunity to work with amazing equipment and work in dark rooms for hours.

While I no longer am able to enjoy the tedious, yet rewarding work of film photography, I have fallen in love with photographing families and people.  I now spend hours in front of my screen, perfecting your family portraits! I often get sore cheeks from smiling at your beautiful faces for so long. Having the chance to capture you and/or your family at whatever stage you are at in your life is so special and inspiring for me. I believe life flies by us way too fast. I am happy to know that I can give someone the gift of an irreplaceable memory to hold onto forever. I love meeting you and creating long lasting relationships with your family.

Photography is something I have always valued. Even as a kid, I was taking photos, wanting cameras, enjoying looking at old photos of my family. If your house burns down, the first thing you’ll grab or wish you could have grabbed are your family photographs. This is a real statistic, and something that actually happened to a client of mine. Luckily she had used me for 5+ years and I was able to give her all of those years photos that were “gone”.

Aside from photography, you can find me hanging out with my girlfriend, Jess, and our two yorkies who are 9 years apart. :) We’re fully obsessed with them and proudly treat them as our children. I love Summer, and anything that isn’t Summer can kick rocks as far as I’m concerned. My hair is always long, and I don’t see that changing. “How do you get your hair so long?” is probably my most frequently asked question to which my response is always, “Don’t cut it.” I love tacos and animals. I’m super annoying to eat with because I’m vegan and gluten free. eye roll. I’m a free spirit to the core. I could get up and go on a road trip with no plan, at any given moment, and be the happiest I’ve ever been.

But enough about me! I want to know about you! Hit the link below if you’re interested in getting to know each other and create some beauty!

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